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A Better Apostle Paul

December 2, 2012

Paul Harvey some time ago, talked to his listeners about this very interesting subject “If I Were The Devil”.  Of course Paul Harvey, isn’t insinuating  that he’s the devil or wishing he was the devil.  What he’s doing is pointing out “OUR PROBLEM”, how we as society, have completely become morally bankrupt to “Stop” this evil “Silent” Moral Majority!  The reason, I’m posting this is because again, here is another person pointing to “Problems”, heck they are easy enough to see… but can someone tell me what the cause of these “Problems” are???  I believe I can… (See my comments below video)


I believe the cause of “America’s” shift in becoming what we see today in society can be directly pointed back right to “Paul.”  We have a society some 3.2 Billion so called Christians, who think they are “Being” as Christ directed them to be.. , yet they are over evangelized on “Following Paul!” Living a life based on a “Grace Card”.. hand delivered almost every time by Paul personally after and throughout everyone of his epistles.  They are not “Following Christ, and picking up His Cross (Works!) and following Him!  Two completely different gospels!

One of Grace or “Faith Only” and the other of “Faith via Works”  i.e. see James for more information….  You will find that book right after all of Paul’s!  Both James and Apostle John speak of the False, “Lawless” group of believers.  I think Christ spoke of this clearly in Matthew on several occasions also specifically pointing it out or him out as a false “Apostle”..  Also see references in “Revelations 2.”

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