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What is the Harbinger about?

October 9, 2012

What is the Harbinger about?

Quick Review:  | Fiction – Exciting, can’t put it down, interesting, recommend to everyone, scriptural based from Isaiah 9:10 as the basis of the harbingers.

Author: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

The Harbinger begins with several scriptures, which are contextually important, then goes into some history. It is written with fictional characters, but it uses non-fiction premises; especially the scriptures of the old testament (Isaiah 9:10) to compare ancient Israel and the judgments God sent them with modern American and the Horrific 9/11 tragedy.

Jonathan Cahn’s use of three fictional characters, Ana, Nouriel and the Prophet are used to expose God’s judgement on the United States of America just as he did on ancient Israel.

As a strong critic of “The Shack”, I do draw parallels of writing style between Cahn and William P. Young.  However, the basis or foundational root of each book are completely on a different spectrum.  For example Young propagated universal reconciliation and other Emerging Church Movement ideals and Cahn’s underlying revelation is from a Messianic Jew perspective.

I thought both books had very strong “Fictional” writing styles that keep the reader on the edge of their seats flipping from page to page.  However, Cahn’s use of historical facts surrounding 9-11 are basis for further investigation to compare scripture.  Granted both books are now causing the largest “Rifts” in Christian communities because of their under lying motives or ideals.  I would strongly recommend everyone read the “Harbinger” and not worry about being lead away in Gnostic teachings, just as long as you read it as a fictional book.  Yes, the book has phraseology that looks and feels “Gnostic”, but I believe Cahn’s central thesis, is to get you to “Research this yourself!”  and not trying to “Trick” his audience into believing a completely different basis of religion as William P. Young was doing with unsuspecting readers.

What I find ironic is that on both sides of the isle of Christian book reviews amongst the Christian Theology Reviews are “Paulinian” justifications that find faults on both sides based on “Paul’s Epistles and teachings.  (lol)  Yes, again a major fracture on doctrinal theology based on Paul.  (You can not use Paul’s teachings as a “Guide or Compass” on the teachings of our Lord.  Paul consistently contradicts our Lord’s teachings.)

I think, Cahn is hitting the nail on the head, yet missing a bigger perspective of “Why”,  Why did the US deny this as a sign from Yahweh?  While reading this I kept thinking pretty soon, he’s going to hit the mark and mention Paul.. then about 3/4 of the way through.. Bam  St. Paul!  Yet, he didn’t tie it to the “false teachings of Paul.”

I think when reading this you should stick very close to the “Teachings” of Jesus/Yahshua, found in Matthew, James and John as your compass and guide.  Go back and read Isaiah 9 and judge for the yourself is Cahn, hinting on something that “God” is trying to show us!  I think you will agree that Cahn makes a very good case, that God’s finger is on this 9-11 situation and judgement of America!

I think the reviews and ministries coming out against “Harbinger”, with strong “Religious” undertones of Gnostic beliefs, and scriptural writings based on “Paul’s epistles” and not our Lord’s Words written in red should examine their own theologies for weaknesses and confusion.

I hope this review “What is the Harbinger about?” has helped you to purchase or make your own judgement on reading this book.  I look forward to your comments.

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I would like to add this about the featured Good and Bad Reviews:  Both use Paul to justify their views or reviews.  For example; The Berean Call, paraphrases Paul, “However, it is never explained that it is by simple faith that one “receives, lets go, chooses, or opens one’s heart.” My point is that Paul brings so much confusion to the real Word’s of our Lord and His Teachings that no one can glean the truth from those who are trying to teach the “Truth”.  Beware of false Paulinian teachers and listen to the “Word of God” and continue to Seek the Truth!

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One Response to What is the Harbinger about?

  1. Susan David on October 22, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    I liked the Harbinger and Jonathan Cahn’s comments shared recently heard on Jim Bakker Show. I also liked reading Invisible Powers-Loose Yourself and Run by Jaden Mars. That read really puts things in the proper perspective. You say you believe the teachings of Jesus over the teachings of Paul Why can’t we glean what we need from both? If God allowed all the books to be in the Bible, by the variety of authors, he had a purpose for that, let’s take the really important messages that save lives and concentrate on those & not knit-pick what doesn’t truly matter in the end.

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