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Jesus Words Only

September 27, 2012

Jesus Words OnlyWhen I first started out searching for truth about Scripture, the Bible, Jesus/Yahshua, and the Apostles I stumbled upon a wonderful site. As you will discover shortly that I’m not the only one who believes this site has been a blessing and Spiritual Compass.  Today, I went back there to see just what others where saying.  Doug the author and site owner has become a great and close friend online.  I wish him and his site the best and ask you to just review what others are saying about www.JesusWordsOnly.com Here are the reviews to his site and book:

Reviews of Jesus Words Only

Below are reviews from (1) Emails; (2) Professional Reviews; (3) Online Reviews (viz. Amazon, review sites); and (4) Bloggers. In each category, the posts appear in descending date order, with the latest post placed first. These reviews demonstrate the message of JWO has touched sincere Christians to make their life and doctrine Christ-centered while abiding in a love and tolerance toward Paulinists. All emails are kept anonymous.


I’d like to thank you for all these enlightening & well documented papers. Thanks a lot !! I am an Israeli follower of Yeshua and seeker of truth, currently I live in Switzerland, and was born and grown in France. Regarding the “pauline” issue, what is written in the Epistles of Paul firstly prevented me – for years – to believe in the Lord and in the New Testament . I found too many things contrary to what I believed is the truth. After some time and explanations by christian or messianic believers, I accepted much of their explanation of the difficult texts, without being really convinced ! I have had so hard time with Romans and Galatians !! The main problems for me were 1. The fact that Jesus is presented as God     2. The Law of Moses is supposedly done away with, opposition Law — Faith. I did succeed to adress the number 1 issue through text analysis. But for the question of the Law, I never could find satisfactory explanation to the words of Paul. For instance the one that says “the sinful passions aroused by the law” or “without the law, I could not know covetousness”. This is really anti-Torah and absurd !!
Moreover, I cannot accept the idea of declaring “righteous” a person solely on his faith or beliefs. For their are so many texts in scripture that define righteousness as doing what is good in God’s eyes.
Recently I received in my spirit that the person of Paul is a problem, not only his teachings; so I began to search the internet about him, about the problems in his teachings. Only in your web site I have found quite serious and well-documented data about him. The studies are based in thorough analysis of texts , as well as historical proofs. I greatly appreciate the honesty on which the subjects are treated, which already is an re-assuring evidence that you are really seekers of truth, as I am. Sincerely & gratefully Di Shalom to you & blessings , (DS Sept. 5, 2012)

Shalom dear friend. I recently stumbled upon your webpage, and was both impressed by the quality of your writings, as well as delighted at the depth of your analysis  (Joshua 9/1/2012)

I have been researching this [issue about Paul] for a while.  This synopsis is the most concise, unbiased, thorough explanation of this matter I have ever seen anywhere.  Thank you so much!!  Here’s to knowledge, which is power. Study on! (Herb Aug. 26, 2012)

[I wrote Joe: “What do you think about the Jesus Words Only principle?”] I’ll put it this way, I praise The Great G-d Almighty for it… I remember seeing the book on Amazon and didn’t really give it any attention. I thought it was just another “praise” book.  But when Yahusha “Jesus” woke me up, I finally realized He showed me earlier what I would be in line with theologically.  And for quite a while I thought I was being possibly “decieved,” but when I prayed for truth some how or another I always wound up back to the JWO. It has been such a blessing in my life, especially when I thought I would be all alone. (Joe 8/19/2012)

Pretty amazing how I found your website a while back…. I have read your Jesus Words Only and loved it. Going to start your other one soon. It’s waiting at my house right now. Well take care and blessings. Shalom. (Christopher 7/30/2012.)

I am a follower of Jesus, or at least I want to be.  I grew up in a Christian home, my great-grandfather was a minister in the Disciples of Christ, and my grandfather was a minister in the Church of Christ.  I am a recovering alcoholic, and after getting sober, I re-examined my life.  I began really looking at Paul because he acts so much like an alcoholic that I originally thought that alcoholism might have been his “thorn in the flesh”.  I also reasoned for a time that this may be why he told Timothy that it was ok for him to drink a little wine for his stomach problems.  However, through the close scrutiny of his letters I became utterly amazed by what I viewed as heretical teaching, about excommunication and the turning people over to Satan as a means of discipline!!!! I was shocked and greatly dismayed.  I also clearly felt that he did not meet the Apostolic test given by Peter and therefore had no right to call himself an apostle.  Personally, I believed that, although previously baptized before becoming an idolator, I needed to repent and be baptized for the remission of sin.  So, I did so.  I also began to see that I needed to live according to the teachings of Jesus and I always see him instructing to observe the Law and all that He commands.  This has been helpful in my recovery (I am now 5 and 1/2 years sober.)

In my search for like minded research, I came across your website.  I have been attempting to devour the essays and books there as voraciously as possible. I attempted to engage my Sunday school class in this discussion and was told that Satan was talking to me because I refused to say that I believed that Paul’s letters were in fact Scripture. I have asked my minister and an elder to engage with me in a discussion, but to no avail so far.  Any thoughts you might have about how my family and I should worship, or what someone like myself should do about sharing the true Gospel according to Jesus would be great. (V. July 23, 2012)

Hi. I thank you for your site and the wonderful painstaking work you have done regarding the truth on Paul. (C. July 13, 2012)

Hello Douglas, Well, it’s been said that one learns something new every time s/he reads the Bible. Paul is not what he seems. I find JWO and the articles very interesting. It does challenge my lifelong beliefs and solves others (for example, in Revelation, why the Lord sent letters to the seven churches and not to places where Paul wrote – Galatia, Colossae, Philippi, etc., with the exception of Ephesus.) As I read your material, some of the missing pieces of the “big scene” are slowly falling into place. Perhaps it’s necessary for all who seek and love the Lord to actually read the whole Bible for themselves instead of having the preacher tell him/her what it’s about. Be Well and Thank You. (S July 7, 2012.)

Thanks for all your work– George (G July 7, 2012)

Dear Doug, I have just finished reading your Book, JWO (in .pdf form). Thank you for it. I have been suspicious of Paul for some time, and your book has been worthwhile in my journey ever-closer to Yeshua. My specialty is history, not theology, and so your book has helped to fill a theological void. (M July 7, 2012)

Hi I just wanted to thank you for your website and for sharing such wonderful information…I had the Experience of Christ and God back in 2003. It IS the “Good News” Jesus spoke of and there is nothing to fear. What led me there was Jesus …. His words …. Not that I have ever read the Bible (maybe a benefit), but His teachings on Love and Forgiveness … In its true sense, and not that Religious sense, and that came from watching a simple film called Jesus of Nazareth with Robert Powell. After I had seen that and the way Jesus pointed to, I simply walked it … and that LOVE led me. The Living water ! I have been perplexed at so much of the Bible and also why so many do not follow what Jesus taught but instead get caught in judgement via others testimony….God is LOVE and the words of Jesus will get you HOME. Walk in HIS WAY …. (TA July 1, 2012)

We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to personally answer our email and we can’t wait to read the e-book you’ve enclosed!  We will pray for your endeavors in evangelizing those who have yet to meet the real Jesus.  Your book has changed our lives and has set us free from the shackles of religion.  There are no words that can express how grateful we are for your body of work except this heartfelt thank you.  May God bless you and protect you both as you bring the most important and soul saving truth to the world! (G&S 6/22/2012)

Hello and I really appreciate your wonderful book. I believe God is using you as an instrument of his righteousness and you are not letting him down. (Kyle 6/22/2012)

Keep up the great work with your website.  I thought I was the only person to see how Wrong it is for Christians to Focus in on what Paul said. We should listen to what Jesus said, not from Paul. (Steve 6/21/2012)

My wife and I are totally on board with the findings in your Jesus Words Only book. We ask ourselves constantly how we missed seeing the truth all these years when it was hidden in plain sight.  We tried sharing this information with our home based Bible Study group and we were literally kicked out of the group!   We started out in a mega church 8 years ago of 14,000 members and now we are down to just the two of us.  It has been difficult to share the information about Paul with any of our friends or families and are starting to feel the isolation.  Any ideas on where we can get to know and be with others who know who Paul really is? (G 6/21/2012)

The information presented in your book is well thought out and provoking.  It’s rather gutsy to take on an issue like this — for years I have been taught to accept everything in the Bible as truth, yet have always been bothered by certain things:
Why don’t Christians  go to church on the Sabbath? I always like the number “7”, and Sabbath always meant 7th day of the week — so why is Church the 1st day of the week?   I have asked leaders this again and again, and now realize I have been given an answer straight from Paul.  I had never been satisfied.  This issue always bugged me.
Another issue is “easy grace” which I’ve had many discussions with my husband.  Jesus always said to Believe AND Repent!  But too often people change that to “Just Believe”, and leave out the repentance part of being a Christian.
Also, I always thought it queer that Paul wrote it’s okay to eat meat sacrificed to idols — it made no sense.  But then I have also been taught that Apostle Paul was an authority figure in the New Testament, so it never occurred to me to question him.
Now it’s become much  clearer how much Paul has influenced modern Church practices and doctrine, and indeed affected my beliefs and practices.  I had always thought a lot of focus was placed on Paul’s teachings, as though he was an interpreter of Christ’s teachings.  But then — wait a minute — I need to get things straight from Jesus, not interpreted and twisted.  I’ve come to this conclusion again and again, whenever I’ve strayed.   My Church is strong in  reading the Bible throroughly and often draws parallels between the Old Testament and New Testament, often pointing out prophecies as well.   However, I do recall one recent sermon on “legalism” and “circumcision” when Paul vehemently defended “freedom in Christ”, so now we don’t have to get too legalistic.
Now I’m asking:  Are we missing the boat completely here?  I’ve been checking out the referenced Bible verses and my jaw is still dropping.   So where do I go from here?   I wanted to present Chapters 1, 6 and 14 to my pastor to see how he responds.  However, I would like to consider a church that is going back to the basics Jesus preached.  My church does a good job studying the Bible, however we meet on Sundays, and there is some reliance on Paul’s teachings.   I don’t know if they would consider changing their ways based on the challenge you’ve given with your research and book.  The only church I know in this area (small city in Virginia) that meets Saturdays are the 7th Day ADventists — I don’t know a lot about them.  So what do I do?  Now I’m getting a better idea of the “uproar” talked about in Acts with Paul preaching one thing, and the apostles teaching what they learned from Jesus. Sincerely M. (6/21/2012)

Everyday I read, study, and research your material, and each day brings more enlightenment. (Don 6/20/2012.)

Exactly Right ! We should learn from what Jesus said, Not Paul.  Its amazing how TV & radio preachers keep quoting what Paul said, more than what Jesus said. (Steve 6/13/2012)

I know I haven’t been sharing everything your site has done for my little “Home” church group, however it has revolutionized our whole “Spirit” as a group.  We have become so much closer to our Lord and Savior through our studies as a group and individuals, much of that we owe to you and your time and efforts through your exhaustive research on the “False Apostle Paul”.. We are so indebted to you and your family for this effort.  We wish nothing more then to help share this vision, as you may know we have been working on developing a site www.ProblemsWithApostlePaul.com (June 1, 2012 SP)

I love your books and believe you are correct about Paul. What you say makes a lot of sense. I think I have read all your articles also, you have a very unique story to tell….Keep up the good work. You have inspired me with your many proofs. May God bless you in your works and deeds, I know he has. Thank You (G. 5/17/2012)

I’m continuing to read your writings and the more I read the angrier I get for being so stupid for so many years. [I have an idea for a new book you could write.] The book could be written from an historical perspective, not Jewish, Messianic Jew, etc.  Simply challenge the reader to read what the King of the Universe said to Moses regarding keeping the Sabbath, festivals, etc. Ask simple questions like, “if Elohim said to do so and so forever, who has the authority to change his commandment? Does Paul? Do you know how our Bible was put together? Who selected the books, placed them where they are etc…” Okay, I need to leave the book writing up to you. I greatly appreciate your writings – the light came on – you are a great blessing to me – THANK YOU. (D 5/4/2012)

As you say, Romans 7:1-7 is very revealing. About your book, “Jesus Words Only,” I recently downloaded every chapter and went to Office Depot to have it printed. Your book has fantastic footnotes allowing the reader to research and read for themselves the source of your research – something I really respect. (D 4/3/2012.)

Dear author, Your website and book “Jesus Words Only” has been such a blessing for me.  I cannot thank you enough for the painstaking research you must have put in to edify the harvesters of Adonai’s Kingdom…. And I’ve long had doubts about Paul, especially as his commands to submit ourselves to all human rulers as “God\’s ministers” [in Romans 13:1-2] seemed blasphemous for someone claiming to be an apostle of the King of the Kings. I have a lot of things to testify about, not the least of which is how much the Truth has been revealed to me through your writings.  I will be eternally grateful for you and to our common LORD!  Blessings! (Am. 4/1/2012)

You’ve done a wonderful job with your books and articles. You have been a blessing to many. Shanah Tovah! (Happy New Year!) (J. 3/24/2012)

Dear JWO. I have read your book online Jesus Words Only. Thank you very much for your care of others in Christ Jesus. (VM 3/16/2012.)

I am lost for words. Your site has opened my eyes once and for all. I was troubled with these questions for a long long time. I feel like I am finally beginning to see the full truth. 3 years ago I would have vehemently challenged what you have posted on your site which I now know would have been my brainwashed and indoctrinated mind standing up for what I was trained and taught to believe. (L. 3/14/2012)

Hello Dear Brother, I have made it my aim for the past decade to read the gospels almost exclusively and come to some of the same conclusions you have. (Chuck 3/8/2012)

*** I’ve seen many kinds of doctrines around the net for a long time and they never clicked, till I really saw yours and it HIT RIGHT DOWN THE HEART. It’s blatantly true. The proofs are in front of your eyes….I’ve read so many kinds of doctrines that I know they are not real but YOURS was the first real one that I read that really hits down the heart in all honesty without bias. I have always doubted Paul the moment I heard he was a Pharisee. Something in my heart tells me he’s wrong. (Anonymous 2/12/2012)

I read chapter 5 of Jesus’ Words Only as it was on the internet and am ordering your book. I have been seeking clarity with the Truth and last night read Revelation where the 12 Apostles were the foundation-stone (again), and it hit me that Paul is not there. I was already struggling with his letters as they were confusing and refuted all other Scripture, especially Yahweh and Yeshua! I sat up and thought, could Paul be a false Apostle? I then turned on my computer and searched for “Paul False Apostle” and bingo! Hit after hit which led me to your book! My wife is still in shock as this was just last night! I look forward to reading your book! (Jeff 1/15/2012)

I am glad to see I am not alone. I am a firm believer in Jesus’  teachings. I feel the only important messages in the Bible are the Words  of God, and the messages God sent through Jesus. I would love to see  only these words printed in book with no other additions. (Matt 1/15/2012)

Your website is AMAZING!  The day after an 11 day fast, I had a revelation from the Holy Spirit that Paul was a false apostle.  This deeply troubled me.  I have been a Christian in a “Pauline” church for 28 years.  I felt like a heretic.  So, I prayed for God to confirm my revelation.  And later that day, I found this website.  I thought my revelation was something NEW and RADICAL.  Ha! But I am SO thankful to know that I am not crazy.  I feel closer to God already.  He revealed to me a truth that I had no facts to back up.  But you have already done the leg-work.  I would love to help in your mission to spread the TRUTH.  Please let me know what I may do. (Cathryn 1/14/2012)

Sir…Last year I began attending a ” Word of Faith” (Hagin/Copeland affiliated) church. Early this year I left that church. I began doing research and what I found, I didn’t like…. I found your website, along with a few others to be very informative and very to the point. The churches I had the msifortune to attend not only push the Pauline doctrine, but also they manage to take that doctrine and twist it even further. I have also noted striking similarities between Paul and people like, oh say…Benny Hinn (none of his ‘prophecies” have come to pass), Ken Hagin, Ken Copeland and even a preacher at a church I attended. They all seem to have ‘revelations’ allegedly from Jesus that were never spoken by him in any of the gospels. I have found that these “words from God” or “Revelations from Jesus” to be in direct contradiction to Jesus’ teachings. They all seem to have a new ‘word’. For years I have said that if Yeshua were to return today, he would not recognize his church.’ As far as money goes, I think I’ll keep sending it to organizations on the reservations that feed, clothe and warm the poor. Thank You for your eye opening work. Respectfully James. (1/3/2012)

Hello. Delighted to find your web site. I just ordered two books through you, via Amazon. After recently defending the words of Jesus with a follower of Paul (who tried to convince me that Paul’s teachings and the new dispensation REPLACED what Jesus taught, it has now (after a few days of feeling rather beat up by a so-called ‘fellow’ christian) that I am now beginning to see that Paul was very wrong…. will now proceed to unlearn all that I have been erroneously accepting from Paul’s teachings (I NEVER liked or accepted his attitude toward women, anyway!). By finding you web site, I am now inspired all over again and will begin by concentrating on what Jesus told us. Thanks, Heidi (12/31/2011)

For me (still hungry and praying for the TRUTH for about 30 years) the revelation that Paul came in his own name, preaching ‘another gospel’, and was NOT appointed or approved as a disciple of Jesus, and because Paul did not continue in Jesus word, and that Paul sowed the tares of deception right into the word of God that a powerful delusion would be delivered to deceive even the elect, if that were possible…. is STILL OVERWHELMING to me, but now so obvious, as well. (Heidi 12/31/2011 #2)

I decided today to just do a search on Jesus’ words only to see what was out there as I have personally come to the conclusion that the pre-eminent scriptures are the words of Christ himself. I am a Bible trained (Word of Life Bible Institute Diploma and San Diego Bible College graduate) fundamental (Baptist)  died in the wool Christian of 35 years who has come to recognize in the past five years or so that there was a bit more to the story :). So interesting to find you out there – after perusing your site it seems we are in concert. (PhD 12/27/2011)

I think I’ve read all your articles at least once, but they’re so good that I’m reading them again.  Thank you all your good work. (Michael L. 12/15/2011.)

I just wanted to say, I love your website, we came to this understanding back in 04, but before that we had put Paul on the shelf so to speak.  The only reason we hadn’t dispensed with him altogether was because of 2Pet.  I just wanted to drop a note saying great website and fabulous info. There is another site, you might be familiar with it, http://www.truthseekers.co.za/component/option,com_mjfrontpage/Itemid,33/ Also a wonderful site exposing Paul for what he was.  I’ve read most of your articles, extremely well done. Thank you for all of them.  We had a fellow over at Truthseekers that just wasn’t getting it, he went by the name Berean.  We had several marvelous debates with him, but it wasn’t until he went to your website that he was finally convinced.  He played the devil’s advocate so to speak extremely well.  I didn’t know he was seriously seeking the truth until he came back and told us all that he’s been to your site and now he was thoroughly convinced.  Now this fellow Berean unbeknownst to him was indirectly responsible for about 200,000 views on his various threads. Awesome, isn’t it?  I mean people came out of woodwork to view this debate.  He was a great catalyst. (Michael L. 12/11/2011)

I have just recently discovered your site while studying the writings of Paul and the problems they entail. Before I had even considered such things, I strongly identified as Eastern Orthodox. Now after learning more and more I am hesitant to return to my church as the EO church is all about tradition and Paul is a major part of that tradition. My faith in Christ is strong as ever but my ability to return to my church is drastically shaken. I have downloaded the PDF chapters to your books… and thank goodness they are available!!! I am dirt broke and out of a job…so affording books is something I am not able to do. Thanks to your writings, I am happy but at the same time hurting feeling a loss but a necessary one. The loss being the reliance on Paul as a true apostle. I also am concerned concerned because I don’t know what to do for a congregation now… (PS Dec. 8, 2011)

You have the best research and that incredible gift for hermeneutics bar none. Every time I go to JWO I am very blessed. It takes me places. Its the good 411. Many who write just write lots of filler and not of any substance. Thanks so much! Blessings (Doug N. Sept 30 2011.)

I’ve been pursuing Yhwh for a long time. Ultimately this led to the discovery of the heresy of Paul of Tarsus. There have been consequences for this discovery. Among which I’ve felt the need to write a great deal about this and I’ve been prompted by some to write a book on the subject. I’m very glad to have been saved the trouble when I found that such a comprehensive book has already been published. I’m also very happy that you have a comprehensive website. (Justin, Sept 22, 2011)

I have extensively read your site, and can tell you it has rocked my Christian world view to the core. I thank you for this, as I always felt there was something gravely wrong in a church that claims to be sealed with the blood of the Creator of universe, whose wishes and commands are then totally ignored. (Dennis, Sept 5, 2011.)

Dear brothers and sisters at JesusWordsOnly.com, Wow is all I can say.   As a Christian for 15 years and now a devout follower of Yahushua and the gospel.  I can’t believe how I feel so stupid or almost raped…  I feel like pastor after pastor knowingly almost stole my soul.   I always felt like something was wrong, I just couldn’t find the “What.”  I looked and I looked.. Then one day a brother said, “while discussing” the rapture, ‘I just don’t trust Paul.  I think he’s too Prideful?’  That put me on a search on the issue of Paul vs Jesus. Another site broke open the deception, but nothing was and is as powerful as your site.   Thank you for your hard work and I truly appreciate everything you have done. I believe this will be a huge movement in the Church very soon! So hang on!  God bless… and may we talk again! (Scott P. 8/12/2011.)

Thank you brothers for your website about Jesus words only.  You don’t know how much this means to me!  By God’s grace I have dedicated the last 13 years of my life to preaching the words of Jesus around the world with other brothers and sisters in the faith and, as you can imagine, have received stiff opposition.  My wife and I were led to come to Argentina to start a ministry here.  We are just getting off the ground.  Our website is www.comovivirporfe.com , though it is in Spanish, so you may want to use Google chrome’s translation function to have a look.  As you will see, we very much focus on Jesus’ teachings being the cornerstone of the Christian faith, the foundation on which to build our faith.  I have been searching others sites that focus on Jesus’ teachings, partly for my own sanity (because it is hard to believe we can be the only ones who see the truth about it) and also to help strengthen our position in defending Jesus and his teachings.  I have only read your home page, and that has been enough to greatly encourage me and provide me with a very significant verse that I had overlooked before (John 13:16), the significance being that the same word for apostle is used and Jesus is clearly saying he is greater than the apostles.  THANK YOU!!  I am now going to dive into your material, which I am sure will be of great aid to our ministry.  God bless you and keep you faithful to Jesus’ teachings.  A big hug, Felipe. (Felipe July 31, 2011.)

After googling regarding Jesus’ words, I found the link to your web site….I wanted to let you know what an amazing find your web site has been for me. I have been grappling with Paul’s teachings (I grew up in the Lutheran church) and after recently reading through the New Testament, came to the conclusion that I feel most comfortable with Matthew and John and had even started compiling all of Jesus “red letter” word on my computer so that I could avoid Paul’s influence. Now I find that a compilation is already available! And furthermore, I’m reading the articles regarding Paul and a Jesus-centred way. You have no idea how enlightening and encouraging this has been to me. (Barbara N. 7/19/2011)

I want to thank you for writing and publishing your book and website, which acknowledges the distinction between the Scriptures of Jesus and those of Pauline doctrine. I am happy to know that there are other Christians who follow the words of Jesus. For me, this has been no easy task…. For me, there has always been a disconnect in the teachings of Jesus Christ and scriptures either directly written by or directed from Paul. It just never made any sense. One cannot have it both ways! If you are to follow Jesus, you simply follow Jesus. (Patience, July 4, 2011.)

Much thanks for the Scriptures; They really do hit home don’t they? I’m in the process of studying through them. Thanks again for the information, it is so well organized and as succinct as it can be! (Larry June 30, 2011.)

I’d like to thank you for the JWO only available free on line. I am still on the 3rd chapter, and I have learnt a great deal so far.  (Eze. June 23, 2011.)

When I first read your book it made complete sense to me, I had asked Yah to confirm that what I was reading was true. Now when I read it my spirit just swells up in me and sometimes I cry because of what they have done to Yahusha word. I am so grateful to you for writing this book. Yah Bless. Sondra (June 20, 2011)

I would just like to say hola from Australia and tell you I am excited to read what you have written about Paul of Tarsus. The Pastor from the Baptist Spanish Chuch my Family and I go to is upset and continues to preach that if we reject Paul’s word (lies) God will punish us but I am trying to make my wife and son read the Torah as I have a Jewish background and I want them to know the lies of Paul and of Pastors like [our pastor] in Australia. It is good enough for now. I hope you and your wife are well, and thank you for helping me share my beloved Torah. Shalom from Australia (Pedro A. June 11, 2011.)

Everyone should also read Jesus Words Only on Salvation!!!!’ (Mary Frank R. at Facebook “Jesus Words Only” Website 4/4/2011 (not affiliated with me)

Dear Doug. I found out about your book through Douglas N.  Thank goodness!  I am only halfway through this incredible and powerful expose’ on Paul of Tarsus, whom I have wondered about for years!  I wish we could drop boat loads of books from helicopters over all the churches.  My husband and I feel it necessary to follow Messiah, and not anyone else!  Messiah says, he is the door, the way, the bread of life.  So why have all of us followed the different gospel? Messiah’s Way truly is the narrow door, pressed down, unpopular way, and terribly difficult.  People do not want this! …. You have a really great ministry, wow!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time, and interest in this much needed subject.  By the way, your book is easy to read, not hard for anyone who has an ear!  All your end notes are incredible with so much research with HEART! Thank You! Blessings in Messiah Y’shua, (Chelsea C. May 15, 2011)

I dont know how I can possibly thank you enough for your work and faith in truth. (David B. 5/12/2011.)

Dear Mr…..We have ordered additional copies of your books because my dear siblings (four) have all fallen prey to the teachings of Paul.  We all grew up keeping God’s commandments and believing them to be very important.  Unfortunately, the Pastor of their church, after many years of allowing other doctrines to influence his beliefs, has decided to come out of the closet and do away with the Sabbath. He has joined all the other denominations around us and will now be holding Sunday service.  To make matters worse, the first Sunday service was this past week for Easter Sunday!  He is now more defiant than ever and has completely embraced the “freedom in Christ” ideology and has made it very clear that he will no longer be kept in bondage under the law.  Just as your book on Paul explains, they will hate the teaching of one master and embrace the other. My mother has already been called into the “office” and has been asked to stop confusing the flock! Teaching truth is now being labeled as confusing and divisive! My mother has also tried approaching my siblings several times and unfortunately, all they can do is quote Paul.  It has grieved my mother and myself very much.  We are praying about this daily and asking God for mercy and revelation.  We also prayed over your books before handing them off to my brother (one sibling at a time).  More than ever, we now understand that their eternal life is at stake. Please help us to pray.  You don’t know how many eyes are being opened to the truth – we pray our siblings will one day soon join that list. Thank you.  May the Holy One of Israel greatly bless you. (Liz April 27, 2011.)

Just recently finished JWO, awesome!  And truthfully, I will rarely read any book past a hundred pages.  The amount of information and supporting evidence that was included was amazing.  If it’s not on the New York Times Best Seller list, it should be.  Looking forward to reading Jesus’ Words on Salvation. Shalom, Ed (April 26, 2011.)

May God teach us more. I bought your book 3 years ago, probably my all time favorite. Please write another one. (Bryc N. March 4, 2011 via Facebook)

Thanks so much for your wonderful book “Jesus Words Only” and for your web site and for all your priceless insights !  I am working hard to get the word out about Paul, which is God’s big test for everyone. Deut 13:3. YOU WROTE THE BOOK, that I wanted to write, except I could not come close to your outstanding brilliance! Wow! I have sent a nice info email about your book to many pastors that I know. PEOPLE ARE VERY EMOTIONAL ABOUT PAUL. It is hard for many to let go of him. (Doug N. 2/15/2011.)

Get this book !  Jesus Words Only ! This book can be read online but I highly suggest getting this book for yourself and for sharing with others.  Extremely well written by an attorney here in So California. Exhaustive commentary! You will love it! Here is his web site http://www.jesuswordsonly.com/ [Doug N. 2/7/2011 to Floyd, forwarded to me.]

I so appreciate your work.  After 30 years of politically correct Christianity or actually what I deem as “Paulianity”, [I] express[ed] my thoughts about Paul (misconstrued) to a friend who believed the same way and he had found and gave me your web site.  I find the work riveting and it gets me in trouble at every turn because of dogmatic default thinking. Matter of fact the dogmatism in my denomination drives me a bit crazy due to the fact that you MUST question Paul if you are going to believe in the Sabbath or [otherwise] Romans 14 and Colossians 2 will be in your face big time. Your insights about Paul meaning ‘least’ is intriguing….Our churches are no longer viable because they do not convict due to the nature of how much cheap grace they now embrace.  And they have all gone liberal. Thanks for your work. (Gary Feb. 4, 2011)

Thank you for everything on this site – but especially the piece you wrote last summer about how we are to treat the tares.  For several years I have been wanting to learn how to grow more like Jesus – and how to follow his commands.  I wanted to stay away from the paulinist churches. But just recently I strongly felt led by God to go back to the paulinist church where I grew up.  Just last Sunday, in fact. Your article explained how I can do this. Thank you!! (Melia Jan 21, 2011.)

I recently had your book JWO recommended to me by a friend.  Thank you for such a great learning experience.  My wife and I are new Nazarim and have always been confused about the contradiction of Yeshua’s teachings and Paul’s teachings.  Your book was the answer to prayer.  I constantly ask for wisdom and understanding and your book has opened my eyes to Paul.  Never again will I adhere to Pau’ls teachings.  For my wife and I,  Its Yeshua’s words only from now on.  Who needs Paul. (Jan. 9, 2011, Aubrey.)

My name is Pedro[…] from Australia baptized in a Baptist church and I would like to thank the author of JWO for all the info in the pages. (Jan. 8, 2011, Pedro.)

I just want to thank you for your work…and for providing it free online.   I have thoroughly enjoyed reading “Jesus Words Only” and have been able to share its truth with others…well, those who would accept it.  What a treasure you have provided.  (Jan. 7, 2011, Lindsey)

I am in the process of reading your book, and am finding it very interesting and thought-provoking.  Thank you for making it available free online. (Gloria Dec. 27, 2010.)

I want to thank you for your books.  They have been such a blessing for me.  It has completely put to rest the confusion I felt when I read two very different messages within our bible. (Liz, Dec. 26, 2010)

I love your site…. Paul writes that he was to preach to the uncircumcised and Peter to the circumcised. Does this not contradict Peter in Acts 15:7?… Jesus always mentioned My sheep my voice. I believe that Paul’s doctrine is his own and his alone and he makes sure those who read  his letters are aware of that. (Michael D. Dec. 23, 2010).

Your site has provided something of an epiphany for my wife and I. I’m writing to thank you, ask questions, and offer a small measure of critique. Thank you for bringing to larger Christendom an issue that has apparently been simmering for centuries. It looks like beyond you and Eisman no one else is talking about this. We have been shocked, saddened and just plain flabbergasted by the common-sense-based, logical and well-documented information on your website. We feel somewhat betrayed (Why haven’t we heard this before?) and yet somewhat affirmed and relieved (My wife always thought Paul was unnecessarily belligerent and manipulative and I’ve said for 20 years that “sola fide” was a heresy — based on James and the Sheep & the Goats). Most affirming was chapter 16, in which we learn Paul has been kept in his place for most of life of the Church (and by implication can go back to that lesser place again). I appreciate your gentle and humble attitude in dealing with your critics — you refute them by logic and Scripture, despite their personal attacks. It seems you really know your struggle is not against them as people and believers, but against the false pretensions which have blinded them and so many of us for so long. I appreciate your goal to get this information out above the goals to make a profit or a name (which are of course yours to make). But when I see the book available on your site for free, and your name nearly hidden on your site, it preemptively removes any thought that you may have baser motives. (Eric December 25, 2010).

I have only skimmed the pages on your site as of now, but all with  profound joy. This is the message I have been too hesitant to share. I  thank you for your magnificent work and bravery! Hallelujah! (Daniel D. Dec. 17, 2010.)

Thanks for your book, thanks for your website. You have helped me immensely in my ‘walk’ and have helped a co-worker of mine….  I am a police officer…. (Brent Dec. 7, 2010)

I just found this site.  I look forward to reading more.  It has been about 10 years now that the Holy Spirit has helped me to understand that there was a problem within the church because of too much focus on Paul’s words.  Christ is our master teacher and I had a thought the other day, that I want to read a manuscript with just a collection of Christ’s words.  If believers would just listen to the master then there would be so much better understanding.  Too much confusion in the church today, I believe. Peter really was robbed to pay Paul. Isn’t that an interesting saying that people say without even thinking about its meaning?! (Savanah Nov. 21, 2010).

I am very interested in following Jesus’ words only.  I’ve been thinking about if this is a step I am moving toward after having been a believer of the entire new testament as being God inspired for over 20 years now…. I have printed the first two chapters of your book online and will probably go ahead and buy the book….I’m so happy to have found your writings.  Your reasoning and logic show that you are not merely writing from an emotional viewpoint but that your statements are well thought out. I am taking notes and writing down any questions that I have.  We may be in contact over a length of time! (Anne Nov. 14, 2010).

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the wonderful work you are doing to get the truth out about Paul. When I became a Christian many years ago I always had an issue with Paul. And now I know I know I was right. I love everything I have read on this site. And I am still reading your articles. God Bless and thank you for helping so many people get back on the right track. (Gary Oct. 29, 2010.)

Firstly, I want to thank you SOOO much for you website. I have been very “uneasy” with Paul for a very long time. I felt guilty but I have always had a visceral (negative) reaction to Paul’s every word. When I first started researching to find others who felt the same way, there were but a small handful of those willing to speak so boldly. Now, it seems that the truth is starting to get out and there is a large and growing community of those who seek to truly follow Jesus. (Julie Oct. 24, 2010.)

Are you author of the book Jesus Words Only? Awesome book. I was in the middle of writing a book about Paul when I read yours and decided three chapters into yours there was no point in continuing mine. I’m so thankful to be free of the bondage of Paul! (Jeff W. Oct. 20, 2010 Facebook.)

Father has had me saturated in your studies, the writings, and both of your books. I am so Blessed by your faithfullness to extrapolate the doctrine of Christ. Your work is impeccable. I have continued to stay focused and am now going through the materials again once more. And I will continue to do so until I have gained it completely….Before I rose this morning, I reached for the Word, and said a simple prayer, “show me Father, what you would have me know this day…” and I opened to 2 John 9-10. I arose and decided I needed to Thank you, and ask Father to continue to Bless You and your family …I keep returning to JWO get your new articles. (Tona Z. Oct. 19, 2010).

I stumbled upon this site after doing a Google search of “Jesus’s words”.  As someone who grew up in the church, memorizing scripture at an early age, attending all of the vacation bible schools and summer “mission” camps as a teenager, I have lately become worried that I have somehow fallen from grace by not wanting to go to church every Sunday morning.  There are things I see now that I didn’t see as a child, and the pomp and frills that go into the political parade seen every Sunday morning is no longer for me.  I simply have lost all passion to do the Sunday morning shuffle and greet the neighbor next to me.  On the other hand, I have never lost my faith, and in fact any time I read Jesus’s words in the New Testament, I am suddenly alive again. It comforts me knowing that if Jesus were among the flesh today, the last place He would likely be seen would be the five-story churches with 2,000 members, escalator, and coffee shops.  Our Teacher taught love and humility, yet all I seem to find in the church is vanity and gossip. Needless to say, this website is exactly what I needed to find.  I have only read a few passages and articles, but it’s unbelievably refreshing to see how studying the Bible with a focus on His words can be like reading an entirely different, more meaningful book. Many, many thanks. (Jacob Oct. 18, 2010.)

I would like to thank the webpage for changing my life. A couple of months prior to me reading about JWO, I couldn’t call myself a Christian because I was fighting Paul’s claims like Soren Kierkegaard. I hope you don’t mind me quoting certain snippets from the webpage. I put up a status every monday on facebook, not to critcize, but to enlighten our brothers & sisters. Their comments are as Pauline as they come. JWO has strengthed my faithfulness to God. And I’m reading the Bible with a better understanding (thanks to your article HOW NOT TO READ THE BIBLE.) (Shak. Oct. 11, 2010)

I like the articles on your web site….In researching Paul, I came upon your site and the article about the Benjamite Wolf. Now I am eyes wide open, and want to read your book. In looking through it, I was amazed and want to dig in.  (Brad Oct. 8, 2010.)

I just found your website, and it revealed some things that I always intuitively knew. It’s good to see it in print. (Rev. Douglas H., Oct. 6, 2010.)

I found your book Jesus Words Only informative and interesting. A challenging and a good read. (Yvonne, Oct. 6, 2010.)

I am very grateful to have been able to read JWO, thanks so much for offering it freely online. It has been a confirmation for thoughts that I have had in recent years as I wrestle with scripture. (Jonathan, Sept. 24, 2010.)

I have often found that Paul’s letters contradict Jesus’ words. I believe any teacher should teach free of charge. But Paul states that they should be paid. Thanks for your help. (Annette Sept 7, 2010)

I agree with what you write and have enjoyed reading and studying this issue.  It is my belief that Paul’s writings are being used as a test for the Christian to see if we love the Lord with all of our hearts. (Kevin August 31, 2010.)

I read your book “Jesus Words Only” and found it to be very well written and informative.  I am in complete agreement with all that you wrote in your book. (Kevin M. Aug. 28, 2010.)

I love Jesus’ Words Only — especially the chapter on the epistle James written as a trial for Paul. (Seth Facebook Aug. 19, 2010.)

I really like what you’re doing. It’s very clear to me… a lot of what Paul said is contradictory…. I consider myself a Jesusist…(Paul T. August 2, 2010.)

I love your site and truly appreciate the content. (Susanne July 27, 2010).

Jesus’ Words Only – LOVE IT. (Jeff W. July 26, 2010).

I am overjoyed to discover this website. I’ll be sure to buy your book and read what I can. Also, is there a “red letter only” Bible in print? I’d love to read ONLY what Jesus said! (Philip July 22, 2010).

I’ve finished JWO.  I think on the whole the book is tremendous and I will recommend it to as many as will listen.  I know of another man who is undergoing a reformation in his beliefs, due to the info you provided on Paul. Thank you. Finding your book on JWO was an answer to prayer. (Todd, July 21, 2010).

I’ve gone to church several times feeling that the word that is preached, is Paul’s, not Jesus’s…. I’m glad there’s more people like you on this earth. Preach Jesus’ Word! (Sakhile July 15, 2010)

What an eye opener,  I have been questioning Paul for some time and always end up getting into heated disscussions with the followers of Paul who call themselves Christians. (Robin July 3, 2010).

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing and the glory of kings to investigate a thing.  Your work is tremendous and has answered so many questions for me. (Mari June 7, 2010.)

I was not familiar with the website link you had shared- www.jesuswordsonly.com. I enjoyed reading it especially since it takes the “Paulianity” and the  “Churchianity” out of the equation. It was a ‘TRUE” breath of fresh air indeed! Thank you my friend for pointing me in the right direction! (Cristano, May 24, 2010.)

Dear Doug. Your books are very clear. I read them and I find you are true. I agree with you. (Pastor N. from Rwanda E. Africa (May 20, 2010).

I’ve got to tell you, you’re the first person to bring the Benjamite issue to my attention and I’m digging a little deeper into the matter. So far my opinion of the work is very high….It has been a very frustrating struggle to break through the Pauline Doctrine [of the church my wife and I attend.]  I am very appreciative of the approach with which you address the subject. …My wife and I first approached the subject by attempting to see how we failed to understand Paul.  There are points of translation [for example]….There are other such examples, but we ultimately found that even seeking to understand Paul led us to disagree with his doctrine. I am greatly encouraged to see advocacy for reading Scripture oneself, rather than adhering to accepted tenets and doctrines which may conflict with the message that is plain for all. (Kevin G. May 14, 2010.)

So far I am enjoying the material immensely [.e., How Not To Study the Bible which addresses Paul in ch. 7.] (Kevin G. May 12, 2010.)

With this knowledge I hope that all may see the light!  (Pastor M. May 9, 2010.)

I have bought and read your book about halfway: I want to thank you for shining the light on all the heresies within Christianity. Any serious Bible student will come accross church doctrines that clearly contradicts the Law & the Prophets: and he will have to take a stand on what truth is. Thank you for the exposure of so many fatally false church teachings. (Tom May 8, 2010.)

Hey Shalom Doug!!!  I am overjoyed to make your acquaintance! A few years back someone sent me a copy of your book.. Thanking me for the “What About Paul?” page…http://www.iahushua.com/ST-RP/paul.htm   Your book is Very Well Done!!! I loaned it out but it was never returned.. I can only hope that it is making the rounds. I have recently softened my heart a bit towards Paul…and see him as (a confused) one of us…and recognized that he did indeed fulfill a great purpose… That is past. But now we must move on and Follow IaHUShUA [i.e. Jesus in Hebrew phonetics] …. (April 17, 2010.)

I want to thank you very much for helping to set my profound confusion and difficulties with Christianity into some sane perspective in Truth. This is really helping me to move on, out of a terrible pickle I got into; to seek Him in the right WAY…(Robert 2/13/2010)

I have enjoyed reading your website and your books… I finished your book Jesus Words Only first, and purchased Jesus Words Only on Salvation through Amazon. I also have downloaded your other free articles. It is nice to know that we are not alone. My husband and I share your views on Paul and the importance of the words of Jesus. Thank you for making your books available via Amazon and free on the internet. This makes it easy to share both ways. Some people are internet people and others book people and I have shared your website with several friends and family members. I must admit it has not been well received and I have taken some criticism, but in the end, I am sure if someone is honest and reads the books in a Berean fashion, the truth will prevail. I encourage you to continue to make your books and articles and essays available to people like me and others. I believe it is a life changing message. (Angela 1/30/2010).

A friend in our study group ordered 6 copies of Jesus Words Only (JWO) for all of us to read. We have been studying for a few years when one heard of your book on the net and ask me if I would check your site out. I sat for about 3 hours printing off JWO to take to my friends so they could read it. That prompted the order of 6 books to share and study. (Mary 1/19/2010).

Hi Douglas. Greetings from the State of Washington….I wanted to digest your book – Jesus Words Only – which I have found is incredibly profound. It has changed my whole life. I must admit that your book is counted among my most favorite. (Walter 1/19/2010)

As I searched  the internet (Google)  I came across something that I thought my eyes were deceiving me – Jesus Words Only – those words jumped off the screen and I thought this was just so awesome!  The very thing I needed to see and here it was in front of me – how gracious and true God is! …As I studied this book online, the blessings which flowed were more than I could put into words – to think that He loves us so much and knows exactly when and how to satisfy the longing of our hearts!  I cannot thank Doug enough for this insightful work, which he has so beautifully put together – and the courage it took to write such profound things…so many questions were answered and so many fears were laid to rest… after all, now I have discovered the very deception within the place I had sought to find my God! …The Good Shepherd had found me and brought me to that gate and I had to make the choice – go through or turn and go back…. Doug’s Jesus Words Only spoke straight to my heart and I drank, and drank and as I did so, knew that chains were falling off me…. The sheer joy of being free of much deception and discovering the wonder of Yahushua/Jesus’ Words  has changed my life forever. We really do not need the words of Paul. He is the one who was so totally confused, as he brought his own gospel and threw the True Gospel out….The true ravening wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. In these last days, I know that eyes are being opened and ‘HE WHO HAS EARS TO HEAR, LET HIM HEAR’!!! My prayer is that MANY will be set free from the terrible deception within Christianity and will come to know the ONLY True Gospel – Jesus Words Only will become  to them Life and a narrow Way which leads to peaceful pastures. (Carol 1/3/2010)

Great book…I work with attorneys like you and I appreciate the diligence by which you present your case. Excellent work! (Joe 12/20/2009).

Firstly, let me say that I am so happy for the work you have done. I use your book all the time as a reference and have been trying to help in bringing the sheep back into the fold of Yeshua’s words alone! This is very difficult and most times I am accused of being a heretic or worse. I cannot fathom how one can accuse me of these things when I adhere strictly to Yeshua’s teachings! Why do they love Paul so much?….(Ryan 12/1/09).

Truly, I have no real issues with Paul … but I believe we must get back to Jesus’ words and stop using Paul as a filter, because it really is starting to get on my nerves. Makes me wonder why Jesus spent time with twelve students, if he wanted a special one to the Gentiles.  Ultradispensationalism and Marcionism almost seem to be the same thing to me. Nothing new under the sun. Keep up the good word. Christendom needs it. (Fol. 10/19/09)

I’d just like to add that Jesus’ Words Only is the most insightful book I’ve read since C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity. (J. 10/4/09)

I can not say enough by way of thank you for your most brilliant book — Jesus’ Words Only. In my youth I began to feel that Paul was not from God, and that was in the 1950’s. Your excellent ability to research your topic and then produce clear, understandable writing is a valuable tool to enlighten many; thank you for all your labors. Thank you even more for taking Christ’s side against those who would sideline His ministry. I know full well your efforts to stand with Him have been costly in terms of ridicule and rejection. What a breath of fresh air to read your book….We too have been studying this and … so your writing will be class material for some Sabbaths to come. (Michael L. 10/11/09).

Thank for doing this.  It helps me understand my frustration in the Bible and the varying words of Jesus vs Paul’s words. My friend and I have had discussions and we always have a problem getting through Paul’s words and how they were different than what Jesus said. Thank you for pointing all this out. (Elizabeth 10/13/09)

I read part of your e-book and I am beginning to understand what you are saying about Paul. I was interested in the Messianic movement, and have searched far and wide seeing if any objective scholar could read a pro-torah Paul but to no avail. I rarely have anything against him, and growing up, I always saw him as a wonderful testimony from God, who went from adversary to ally, and found his involvement in the NT to be amazing. Lately, with the fact that the OT, the other epistles and even the sermon on the mount are ignored because of Paul, I have really begun to wonder about Paul. Seeing your point, I wonder if there is anything positive we can take from the Pauline letters. There are some good things like the running a race, the armor of Christ and the fruits of the spirit which I liked. Is it wise to take the good from him or is it better to ignore him altogether? I have considered putting him in the backseat of the NT for now, until I figure out the value….From the way Paul has almost taken over from the Messiah and his twelve, I believe it best for me to understand Jesus better. Thank you for what you are doing, by redirecting us towards Jesus’s words again. (Fol. 10/18/09)

Thank you for publishing Jesus’ Words website. The ravening wolf prophecy linked to Paul was an eye opener and I now believe that Paul was a false apostle and is the one mentioned in the Book of Revelation: “I know your works, your labor, and your patience, and that you cannot bear those who are evil. And you have tested those who SAY THEY ARE APOSTLES and are not, and have found them liars.” Rev. 2:2  (Tom 9/23/09).

I would like to thank you for having the courage to write the book “Jesus’ Words Only” and for making it available free online.  I downloaded it and had the pages printed and bound at a shop — it cost me more than the price of the book but it is totally worth it….I am so convinced of the truth that I put a link to your website [on my personal webpage]. Since then, I have been persecuted by two friends who think I have been deceived. Isn’t it strange that people take so much offense when Paul is being attacked in defence of Jesus? I know I have already been labelled as a believer of heresy and will be persecuted by many other people, but no matter what, I will stand by what I believe is God’s truth and light….The fact that you have made your brilliant book available free online is a clear indication that you are not one of those false prophets who are driven by greed.  Thank you again. (J. 9/25/09).

I really feel that I periodically have to write just to say thanks.  I bought JWO & JWOS, and have downloaded and coalesced both books in pdf’s.  My family and I have used the books for Sabbath services every week.  We have finished JWO and are on Ch. 19 of JWOS.  We read it out loud every week. (Randy Aug. 29, 2009)

I think your books are pivotal works. They are very well written and researched. I have printed a few chapters and placed them in a binder. They are deep and take time to sort out. It concerns me “why” people reject the words of the Messiah. Because of the traditions of men, the institutions of men, the signs and wonders of men that the Messiah is rejected. I am no better and have a lot to learn. (Dale June 8, 2009)

Your site, as well as a few others, but yours mainly, has turned my faith and entire religious beliefs, all except one, completely upside down, and I have realized a lifetime of error…. I am a Baptist, from a KJV only, once saved-always saved, Paul the apostle, church dispensation, etc. upbringing.  I can tell you that from your book, my eyes have been opened.  I wish to open the eyes of my family as well, although it won’t be easy. (Adam June 4, 2009)

Well, so far I have read all the chapters of the online edition of JWO….At this point what I can say is your thesis is very lucid, intelligent and thought provoking. Your arguments are clear and concise, extremely persuasive, well grounded in scripture documentation and very well presented. In short I think you are an excellent writer and your book will be the standard for the JWO argument. I am having a hard time believing that I, a Christian for 40 years, am just now seeing others expound on something that has bothered me all these years but I couldn’t put my finger on it. (Walter June 3, 2009)

I took a quick look at Jesus Words Only. Yes, by all means, Paul must be compared with Jesus. That way, as you (and I) point out, Paul does come out significantly different from Jesus. A false prophet, as you point out so dramatically….[It] is interesting to see how our researches have dovetailed….It is important to both of us to liberate Jesus’ message from that of Paul. (Barrie Wilson, Professor of Religious Studies at Toronto’s York University, author of How Jesus Became A Christian (2009).)

I found your website listed at www.yahuah.org and it became one of my favorites very quickly. I agree very much with your “Jesus words only” approach. Your articles are academically well written, highly readable, and most important, encouraging to the faithful. I thank you very much for your good work. (Abraham 5/29/2009).

I am very glad that I found your site! You echoed the same thoughts and problems that I myself have had with Paul. I am a chaplain candidate with the US Army and a graduate of an evangelical university. I really ran into problems with Paul in Seminary in preparation for my ascension to become a full chaplain, but I just could not see how someone could take Paul’s words and form them to echo what Christ said and what all the other apostles wrote. It seemed like too much of a jump to me to believe Paul. Finally after a few of the professors grew tired of me constantly questioning them concerning Paul, and not being satisfied with “well tradition states…” one decided to pull me aside and ask me was I sure I was meant to be a chaplain, after all, how could I question the father of modern Christianity! I am so glad to see that I am not alone! I was beginning to believe that I was a heretic, but I could not force myself to just believe because someone else told me I should…I wanted answers to my questions and you gave them, thank you! ….Again, thank you for lifting this weight off of my chest, I dont feel like such a heretic after all….(K 2/7/2009).

I must admit, I’m impressed. My mind has been blown on a few occasions while reading the book online. The evidence against Paul seems overwhelming. YHWH Bless. (Sebastien Dec.08.)

First of all, thank you very much for putting your book Jesus’ Words Only online.  I’ve been reading it non-stop each night, and manage to turn off the computer only at the point of bare exhaustion. .. JWO has been so uplifting to me and has actually helped me to live a better life.  For a long time I have questioned Paul’s legitimacy as an  apostle of Jesus….Your book has changed my attitude toward sin.  Before, I had the “once saved, always saved” attitude that I could continue to commit sins and that if I repented later they would be forgiven.  In reality, I fooled myself into thinking I could sin with impunity, and I never really repented for any of my sins.  Deep down I knew that I was making a mockery of God’s forgiveness and long suffering mercy.  Furthermore, I knew that I was not fooling Him in the least.  In my old belief, there was never any fear of punishment to keep me from sinning, since I believed I was eternally saved.  Under that old belief, I continued to sin, always fearing in my mind that was dead wrong, but never knowing for sure. But now, your book helped me to focus on the teaching of Jesus alone, without Paul’s confusion of the gospel.  Now I realize that I am saved, but that being saved, I am also a branch of the vine Jesus.  I am required to produce fruit or risk being hewn down and cast into the fire.  To me that says salvation is not a permanent thing, and can be taken away. (Mike 12/27/08.)

Your book on Paul was given to me by a friend that I just recently met and it has been instrumental in our being able to reach others with this very important message.  Having been a Baptist missionary and a pastor for a number of years, I don’t have to tell you what my mindset was for most of my life. However, a few years ago I began having problems with what I was seeing in the Bible and what I was preaching so I left the church and started searching….It is difficult to find fellowship with like minded believers but there are a  few of us and we enjoy studying and midrashing the Scriptures together Again I thank you for your incredible work and your taking time to respond.  May Yah richly bless you as you continue your invaluable work. (John 11/20/2008)

Just wanted to thank you for your tremendous amount of work involved in the writing of your book concerning Paul.  I have had trouble for years with the teachings of Paul but since I have been taught all my life including seminary that we dare not question the canonicity of the New Testament writings I had to somehow reconcile in my mind to obvious contradictions between the teachings of Yeshua and Paul. Your book sorted out a lot of things for me including the matter of canon.  After having read through the book and going back through it and checking references and documentation, I have the answers I have been seeking and the freedom to begin to think for myself. Again I thank you very much…May Yah bless you in your life and ministry. Sincerely in the Faith. John (11/13/08)

Am writing to inform you that I am grateful for your effort. It has cleared a lot of darkness that had hindered my understanding of Paul. I am a Ugandan…. (Charles 10/15/2008)

I am writing to you now to share the gratitude I have in my heart to Yahweh for leading you into His truth and writing the book, “Jesus Words Only”.  I have only read 3 chapters but it is clear from your web page, blogs, and what I did read that this work was from Yahweh and you were obedient. Thank you brother! This work was a great confirmation and is a continued resource.  (Bradford 7/24/2008).

I would like to thank you for your book “Jesus’ Words Only.”  I bought several copies of it in late 2005 and gave them to friends and family.  Although I don’t fully agree with all you have to say, I can certainly say that your book has been one of the most thought provoking ones I have every read, and reread.  I greatly appreciate the work you have done and the courage it has taken… Throughout all my years of teaching I have always had problems with Paul and as discussions would lead to differences I would often state:  “Well, I am a Christian, not a Paulian, so I’ll follow what Jesus teaches on the issue.”… Your books have excellent thoughts and will help shape our discussions and more.

I have really come to appreciate your find on Trophimus. His having been busted for defiling the Temple is certainly implied by Luke. And knowing what Paul taught the Ephesians in 2:14-22 explains Trophimus’ state of mind and actions perfectly. His defense would have been, “But Paul said…” and this perfectly explains the reaction of those who cried out for help against Paul in the Temple. It’s one of those things where when you finally see it, you wonder how you missed it for so long! I was just showing my wife Lisa this just last night and she too was fascinated. …I’m reading the entire book through again. I’ve gotten through chapter 3 so far and it is basically the same as the first edition, but I still get such a thrill reading it again because I can’t see where anyone can come up with a good argument to refute your logic. You have all the bases covered so well. (Scott N. March 12, 2007)

I read your book several months ago and it was just what I was looking for.  It was my turning point.  I had always had trouble reconciling Paul’s words with those of Jesus and knew in my heart something was not right. (Becky March 3, 2007)

If I haven’t said it before, I want to compliment you on your insight and work on the Balaam parallel. I never saw it, and the connection you draw is incredible. There are also numerous other arguments you make that are astounding and you have for all my knowledge dealt a deathblow to every argument in favor of Paul. Again, I hope controversy causes your work to spread like wildfire. (Scott N. July 2, 2006.)

Shalom Doug, I’ve been going back over your book again and I can’t tell you how excited I get every time I read it….I am hoping and praying your book…exposes the truth to millions. (Scott N. June 20, 2006.)

[From a Jewish friend.] Dear Doug, Thanks for your book. I actually made about four trips  to the web site to read it. …I read over one half of your book this  weekend. I haven’t perused it line-by-line yet. It would take me  hours to do your effort justice. My only fear is that you will be  branded a heretic. Most Rabbis I know and have read have always been  kind and  understanding of Jesus and what he said — his ministry. I have found  few Jews who have the same patience with Paul. My own views of the  Messiah have evolved and are too complex for an e-mail, or even a  letter. Most Christians and Jews would characterize me as a heretic  on this point. At least they’d shoot me before they shot you…Your primary thesis is that where there is a conflict  between Jesus and Paul, the benefit of any doubt should go to Jesus.The  Church, as an institution, has a different history. I suspect this  is because Paul was at least four things: (1) a prolific writer, (2) very persuasive, (3) very passionate, and (4) lucky enough to have  his writing survive. I love your theme of returning to the law. My  own observation is that we live in a largely lawless world where a  passion for truth and justice could only improve the lot of all  humanity. I could spend many more hours in this dialogue. And we  will. Sooner  or later you will visit me for an extended visit  in Cambria or I in Orange County. (Clint Jan. 2006)

Halleluyah – for this most enlightening, comprehensive, educative, courageous and brilliant book! It not only exposes the falsity of Paul as an apostle of Yah’shuah, but teaches on a whole host of fundamental principles with respect to following Yahweh and only Yahweh’s words (Matthew 4:4). Yahweh richly bless you for this great work, which should strengthen weak followers of Yah’shuah. (Isaac, Dec. 21, 2005)

Jesus Words Only – Professional Reviews

Bookwire Book Review (May 30, 2006)

Is Paul the Apostle really who he claimed to be? Or is he a false prophet whose writings should be excluded from the New Testament? The Attorney author deftly argues his case in the book Jesus’ Words Only – Or Was Paul the Apostle Jesus Condemns in Revelation 2:2?

A self-proclaimed “evangelical Christian” since age 15, the author informs readers in the book’s introduction that his soul-searching began as a result of questioning the Baptist doctrine of eternal security and the Calvinist doctrine of perseverance of the saints. After searching for answers, T was frustrated to find that although these teachings always originated with Paul, Jesus’ words seemed to contradict Paul’s. Irritated at what appeared to be an “incessant marginalization of Jesus in preference for Paul,” the author asks and seeks to answer the controversial question: “Why not Jesus’ words alone?”

A practicing attorney, the author’s obvious skill for in-depth research and proficient prosecution is evident, as he lays down argument after argument to support his verdict: Paul is guilty of being a false prophet, and therefore, his writings should not be included in the New Testament. First, the author says, Paul never made a valid prophecy, which is the only way a true prophet could add text to the Bible (Deut. 18:15). Second, the writings of Paul negate the law, which the author says is clear evidence that he was a false prophet (Deut. 13:5). Third, the author points out that Jesus’ mention of Balaam in Revelation 2:14 points to Paul as the Balaam-type figure in the New Testament church. (Balaam was an Old Testament prophet who taught that eating meat sacrificed to idols is permissible, as did Paul.)

T uses evidence from both early Church History and scripture to weave a convincing case against Paul, although Paulinists would argue that there are numerous holes in his theory. The majority of evangelical Christians will most likely find the author’s charges heresy, saying that God would not allow his Word to be tainted in such a manner (the author even offers an answer for this). For the author and his claims, however, the jury is still out, and his book is food for thought for those who are serious students of the Bible. (BookWire Review May 30, 2006)

Writer’s Digest 15th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards (Nov. 2007)

The best part of author of Jesus’ Words Only is the thoroughly researched material for inclusion in this book. The Appendix, Bibliography, and Topical Index at the end of the manuscript are all well written. The Table of Contents is well structured and concise. The reader will better understand what the author has written after reviewing these important parts of the book. The Author used specific and concrete words to support what he has written. His style and tone of writing is noteworthy.

Online Reviews

Must read for anyone who always knew Paul’s writings were not the same as Jesus. Jesus’s words we must follow not Paul. (Toshia June 11, 2012, Amazon Review.)

“Jesus’ Words Only” — This is another book that every Christian should read. In my opinion this author does a great job explaining that Saint Paul is a false prophet, how Saint Paul contradicts Jesus in many occasions, how his epistles are not the word of God, and how their long acceptance is not an obstacle for their rejection in our times. He presents many prophecies from the Bible about Saint Paul, and he explains in a very simple manner many historical testimonies from the early Christian Church that are in accordance with these truths. The website of the book ishttp://www.jesuswordsonly.com. You can read the book online on the website, along with other books and articles related to the subject. (Ruy Marmol, author of Gotcha Saint Paul (2011).)

There is a very good apologetic book proving Paul is the false apostle Paul of Revelation 2:2 which is called Jesus Words Only. This is an excellent book written by a noted attorney and very gifted Bible scholar. The author knows more about the Bible, undiscovered prophecies, various manuscripts, Greek and Hebrew then most all of the pastors out there today. I have met several times for lunch with the author to compare our findings and proofs about the false apostle Paul. His book also confirms much of my findings against the false apostle Paul. The author is very Biblically sharp but what makes this Biblical genius so scary is that he is a very humble person. Many times gifted intellects can be very arrogant. The author is very kind and humble to talk with. Also see his website by the same name of his book Jesus WordsOnly.com. He exposes Paul as the prophesized Benjamite wolf prophecy and also exposes Paul as many other types and shadows of other bad characters found in the Bible. (Doug N. 2011.)

People can continue to refute what the book says, but you can’t refute the fact that Paul is at war with Christ on many issues, and according to Christ it is His words that give life. If everyone wants to continue to hang on to Paul… I would refer them to what Christ says in Matt. 7 about the surprises many will face on judgement day. Paul will not be there to defend you when you stand before the Messiah, so I would encourage anyone who considers themself to be a Christian to cling to Christ, and not the self proclaimed 13th apostle. (Danny books.google review 2011.)

Excellent book full of eye opening controversial evidence that will prove beyond reasonable doubt that Paul was false. The author cites all of His sources and invites you to verify everything for yourself. Even if you have decades of study under your belt you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REFUTE THE EVIDENCE because it is all absolutely true…YOU HAVE BEEN DECEIVED and it is time to wake up so you can worship Him in Spirit and TRUTH.  (Eric books.google.review 2011.)

After years of “Christian” ministry, Paul claimed “I am a Pharisee, a son (offspring) of Pharisees” (Acts 23:6) [Note the word “am” – present tense ]. Jesus: “Do not think I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” (Matt 5:17). Paul: “Christ.. by abolishing the law..” (Eph 2:15). Oops! Paul says.. “But now we are released from the Law.. we serve not under the old written code but under the new life of the Spirit” (Romans 7:6). Compare this with “Do we then overthrow the law by this faith? By no means! On the contrary, we uphold the law!” (Romans 3:31). No wonder there are such radical contradictions between Paul’s teachings and those of Jesus. See the two life-changing books “Jesus’ Words Only” and “Jesus’ Words on Salvation.” (J George N, Christianity Today (Oct. 8, 2010).)

This book is an absolute must read for anyone who desires to glean the truth from the Bible. Mr. T exhibits outstanding scholarship to reveal the shocking truth about who the Apostle Paul really was. (James D. Gaul, June 22, 2010 Amazon review.)

This is the Motherlode of Biblical Truth. This book blows the lid off of centuries of false doctrine handed down to us, and exposes the “Apostle Paul” for what he realy is – the apostate Paul. This book provides extremely well documented and verifiable evidence that Paul fits the mold of a false prophet to a tee. I will be buying several copies of this book for my friends who are not afraid to think outside the box of church tradition. Mr. T presents an iron clad case that several books of the New Testament were actually written as a polemic against Paul’s epistles. (J Gaul 4/8/2010 at Barnes & Noble.)

[Jesus’ Words Only] will probably sound like heresy to many people. It will definitely challenge one’s thinking regarding Paul’s doctrine, and Paul himself. Definitely not for those who don’t want to rock the boat of their long-held traditions, but if you are a Truth seeker, you most definitely will want to read this one. (Tshuva.us 2/15/2010)

This book is packed with biblical knowledge and sound historical documentation. The chapters are broken up beautifully so that topics can be focused on and used at study groups or in sermons. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to follow the voice of their Messiah over the voice of another. From my perspective this is one of the best Christian books I have ever read… if you plan on reading extra biblical christian literature for additional edification then this is the one to read! ;)(R.Nolan 11/22/2009, Amazon.)

After years of struggling with what appeared to me to be conflicts in the New Testament with statements of Paul and the teachings of James and the other writers including the teachings of Yeshua in the gospel accounts, my eyes were opened with a greater understanding of canonicity. My background and training had always taught me that all the books of the New Testament were inspired and were not to be questioned. The Author sheds great light on the subject of canonicity and this answers the questions that had always bothered me. (John Parton 11/22/2008, Buy Books on the Web review.)

After reading this tremendously scholarly work on Paul, my eyes were opened to many conflicts and contradictions in my own thinking.  Having accepted Paul’s teachings for years because of an errant understanding of canonicity I realized that there was good reason for the conflict and contradiction because they are there. Paul definitely contradicts Yeshua’s teachings and as a result many are deceived because they are taught that Paul’s writings are inspired. I am thankful that I discovered this masterful work and recommend it to anyone that is seeking the Truth.(John Parton, 11/7/2008, Amazon review)

The premise of this book is to show that Paul is an apostate, that he may have been a true follower of Jesus but that he turned away. He contends that though Paul may have had a true experience with Jesus on the road to Damascus he was not an apostle, but Paul declared himself an apostle. His comparison of Paul with Balaam is interesting, as well as the explanation of knowing a prophet or apostle by their message, not by the signs and wonders. He make some miss steps in his arguments but the underlining premise is a good one. (Mark June 6, 2008. Weread.com Reviews)

Jesus’ Words Only is essential reading for all sincere Christians. The idea that Paul teaches a different gospel than Jesus Christ sounds almost blasphemous on the surface. However the author hammers away at his points until it becomes apparent that a rebuttal is all but impossible. Does Paul declare himself a thirteenth apostle? Did anyone other than Paul give Paul his authority? Did Paul negate the law’s further applicability? If Paul’s words disagree with Jesus, who should we follow? You need to read this book. (Kassidy Jones 4/15/08 Amazon review.)

“Jesus’ Words Only” was a decent read. The premise of Paul being the false apostle is correct, but the author does not use evidence that is as strong as he could have. The high point of the book was the explanation of “Balaam” in Revelation 2:14. Aside from all of that, Tondo crosses himself a few times in his explanation. He says at one point, correctly, that adding to or taking away from the Law is a sin, and would make someone a false prophet. But, he then goes on to claim that Jesus in Matthew 15 and Mark 7 is saying that eating non-kosher food is ok (thus a violation of the criteria he used against Paul), instead of explaining that Jesus was speaking about rabbinic tradition. Good premise, but overall the book was lacking. Due to the nonexistence of literature relating to this subject, it wouldn’t hurt to pick this one up. He has it for free on his website: www.jesuswordsonly.com. (6/29/07 Post at Weread.com Reviews)

[My comment. I did not say Jesus said it was ok to eat non-Kosher. I said that Jesus said it did not make you a sinner to do so. It made you unclean, which is different. I said this means Kosher rules were health rules, and God does not want to hear repentance for eating shrimp by accident. Doug]

I very highly recommend this book to anyone, especially if you have ever had a question about Paul. I believe Mr. T’s book is the very next book everyone should read right after reading the Bible. It should be required reading for every seminary student. (Scott N., “Review, Jesus Words Only.”)

An indictment of Pauline Dispensationalism. This book is an outstanding addition to the growing awareness among scholars and historians that there is something fundamentally wrong with the doctrine of the self-professed apostle Paul as it relates to other New Testament and Old Testament doctrine. Mr. T’s trenchant analysis of Paul’s incompatibility with the teachings of Jesus also exposes dispensationalist doctrine as the fraud it truly is when it futilely and superficially attempts to overcome the contradictions between Jesus and Paul by assigning each doctrine to a separate and compartmentalized “church age” or “dispensation”.  (December 22, 2006 Excaliburton at Amazon.)

Scott Nelson’s Review

Here is a book that I hope will be causing a major uproar in Christianity in the days to come. Its writing is literally centuries overdue. The author [is], a professional attorney, revives the nearly 2000-year-old cold case against Paul’s supposed apostleship and his unique anti-Law-of-Moses doctrine….Mr. Tondo picks up where we were cut off from history. In his case against Paul, there is no stone left unturned, and no argument in support of Paul’s supposed apostleship that is left un-addressed. The author exposes the fact that Paul’s claim of apostleship was taken presumptuously and went unrecognized by the 12 apostles that the Lord had specifically chosen and trained for over three years to be his official witnesses.

Mr. Tondo accurately displays the gross differences in the teachings and doctrines of Paul over that of the Lord. He also goes on to make the solid case that it was Paul who Yahshua (Jesus) referred to when he spoke to the Ephesian church as recorded by the apostle John in Revelation 2:2. Here, Yahshua commended the Ephesians for rejecting someone who had claimed to be his apostle and was not. This is something I have also taught since the beginning of my site over ten year ago. Mr. T also handles this case very thoughtfully and realistically and does not go off into wild accusations of conspiracy on Paul’s part. His position is the same as mine in that we both believe Paul had a real conversion experience on the road to Damascus, but he was never commissioned to be an apostle. Because of his pride, Paul went very wrong. Mr. Tondo beautifully demonstrates the parallels between Paul and Balaam, a prophet who was also on his way to curse God’s people when he was confronted by heavenly vision. Balaam converted and spoke much good for a while, but then went terribly wrong. If it can happen to Balaam, and numerous others, why not Paul?

Mr. Tondo makes many additional excellent points that tie it all together into a masterful prosecution that would stand up in court today. I dare say no impartial juror would consider acquitting Paul after hearing Doug’s case. On a couple of occasions while reading this book, I thought Mr. Tondo was getting out on a limb with what I considered a tenuous new argument only to find that after staying with him a little longer, he pulled it all together with other facts that proved his point. If you have ever had any doubts about something Paul said, this book is a must-read for you. By the end of it, you too will agree that the only words in the NT that should be elevated to the status if “Infallible Word of God” are the words of Yahshua (Jesus) alone, and all others must comply with his teaching.

I very highly recommend this book to anyone, especially if you have ever had a question about Paul. I believe Mr. T’s book is the very next book everyone should read right after reading the Bible. It should be required reading for every seminary student.

[Scott Nelson(2006). This is only a partial excerpt. A longer version is at this link.]

The scene [in Acts where Paul encounters Jesus] is very reminiscent of Balaam being stopped by the Angel of the Lord because he intended to curse Israel. The parallels between Paul and Balaam are striking. They both started out as enemies of God on their way to curse God’s people when they were stopped by a blinding vision on the way. They both repented, converted and served God for a short while, then turned on Him and His people again. If it can happen to Balaam, why not Paul?  For more details on this incredible parallel, read ‘Jesus Words Only’ ….http://www.judaismvschristianity.com/paula.htm

Tshuva’s Review


I found this book fascinating reading. I believe it is quite likely that Shaul (Paul) was the one the Bereans were constantly checking the Scriptures (Tanakh, or “Old Testament) against to see if he was indeed teaching the truth. Whether he was a true Apostle or a false Apostle is something you will have to decide for ourself. The point is, whether he was a true apostle and greatly misunderstood, or a false apostle after the tradition of Balaam, the bottom line here is that the way Christianity understands his teaching regarding the Torah is completely against the Word of YHWH and those who align their lives by the belief that Torah was done away with need to repent and not teach this heretical doctrine! Otherwise, they may find themselves at the receiving end of the words of YHWH in Matthew 7:23.

Jeremiah Moses’s Review at Nazarene Space – June 2010

Paul on Trial Against Yeshua and the Torah. Jesus’ Words Only book!!!


If you have every wondered about Paul and still even in the amamic hes writings still bother you.. Well heres a book that is great!!! Paul is on trial against Yeshua and Torah,

Its written from a Greek prospective but still then the case is Strong! ( in that this men is 100% pro-Torah but still seems to be not a Netzari or Messianic but a simple Christan that found the truth from the Torah & Yeshua.

If any thing I would love others that are deep in study with the Spirit help in this and would to know what they think after reading this book. [June 2010 Link]



You listen to that feeling friend. That is the true divine spirit of the Creator of the Universe warning you against Paul! Obey the Creator of the Universe and the teachings of Jesus and ignore Paul! Google Jesus Words Only and read it! It is a excellent expose on Paul of Tarsus done by a trial lawyer who leaves no stones uncovered! (Anonymous June 24, 2011)

If you want to read something interesting look for “Jesus words on salvation” and “Jesus words only” by Mr. T. It’s free on the internet. (He Was Jewish April 2011.)

My copy of Tondo’s book arrived a few days ago. I’m reading it with a mixture of shock (at my complacent assumption that Paul’s letters were inspired scripture Just Because They’re In The Canon), amazement (at the flat-out contradictions between Yeshua’s teachings and Paul’s), and ancticipation (at what comes next).  Briefly, Tondo makes a case that Paul/Saul/Sha’ul/Pavlvs of Tarsus was a  either a consistently false apostle or a genuine believer in Yeshua whose mind was subsequently corrupted a la Baalam, leading him to teach moral subjectivism and lawlessness on such matters as eating food sacrificed to idols, fornication, etc. (John G. Dec. 22, 2010; “Jesus Words Only” – What do you think” at Messianic.net.)

I assume you have read the book “Jesus’s Words Only”? Based on the words of Yeshua, he does an absolute mincemeat job on Paul. It contains a tremendous amount of material, and is very well researched. You can download it online, but IMHO the printed copy is well worth the outlay. (Messianic Nov. 27, 2010.)

Hi Messianic-

Yes, I have read T’s book Jesus’ Words Only a couple of times. I have also read his book Jesus’ Words on Salvation. Both are excellent. “Mincemeat job” is a good description of how he shreds Paul’s message when compared to Jesus’ words. The problem I run into when trying to explain any of this to people is the dispensation mentality. It was totally contrived to eliminate the fact that Paul’s message conflicts with Yeshua’s. And since Paul told them the OT is now defunct, well then, the OT rules on testing inspired expressions are also defunct. It is this type of lapse of logic that boggles my mind! They think that Yeshua would spend 3 1/2 years preaching a message that was to die when he did. It makes no sense. So, you are quite right, most people do not have any idea how to test an inspired expression to see if it is from God or not.

Some people just cannot stand that someone could reject their precious Paul. A year ago I was asked not to disparage Paul or leave on one forum, and about a month ago I was kicked off another site for saying that Paul was the one that might (if possible) “deceive the holy ones” that Jesus warned about. It would be almost funny if it weren’t so sad. It reminded me of where people will kill off witness of Yeshua and think that they have rendered a great service. As more and more people recognise the Paul deception, I think that there will also be more opposition. Molly (Nov. 28, 2010).

I don’t want people to think I am anti-Paul a while ago I was seriously considering this, now I have reserved myself to the possibility of just seriously misinterpreting his writings. A very controversial book that I read regarding the topic of Paul, his apostolic validity and the intent of his messages is called “Jesus’ (Yeshua’s) Words Only.” It’s available free online if you’d like to check out some of the chapters you can do so here: http://jesuswordsonly.com/JWO/jesuswordsonly.html (if you scroll down the page there is a link that says “each chapter free online” you can read the full book there.) I would love to hear your and everyone else’s opinions on this if you guys get a chance to check it out. (Harvest Group 9/30/2010.)

In the New Testament there are TWO GOSPELS, the Gospel of Yahushua, and the Gospel according to Paul. Which do we choose? Yahushua warned that there would be false prophets and teachers, and that we are to test who is faithful to Him. If we follow Him, it is like making the best choice in the garden and leads to life. Following a man’s word over the Father’s has never turned out well. I strive to follow Yahushua. The ‘Jesus Word Only’ book is interesting and has exceptional notes. (Papaya Planter, 8/15/2010, treeofliberty.)

Paul on Trial.. Against Yeshua and the Torah. Jesus’ Words only book!!! by Jeremiah M. (6/10/2010) If you have every wondered about Paul and still even in the Aramaic his writings still bother you…. Well here’s a book that is great!!! Paul is on trial against Yeshua and Torah. It’s written from a Greek prospective but still then the case is Strong! (in that this men is 100% pro-Torah but still seems to be not a Netzari or Messianic but a simple Christan that found the truth from the Torah & Yeshua. If any thing I would love others that are deep in study with the Spirit for help in this and would want to know what they think after reading this book. Please by the book http://jesuswordsonly.com/

On the important phrase, “so-called evangelicals often struggle to reach a common definition for the evangel, the gospel” – I recommend two absolutely life-changing, inter-related books,  firstly, ‘Jesus’ Words Only’ and then ‘Jesus’ Words on Salvation’ – whatever your views are, these books will change them forever and for the better, whatever your reaction to the author’s work may be. Available from Amazon. (Jason Coll., April 20, 2010, “Piper, Warren” at Christianity Today).

Two unexpected further developments have taken place since I came to Greece.  My first trip here as a tourist came as a result of my setting up a website about Saul of Tarsus.  My goal in creating the page was to provide an information source during the creation of which I would help myself and consequently others get to grips with the parts of the New Testament written by or about Paul.  On my initial trip here I visited all the sites in mainland Greece which played a significant part in his ministry: Philipi, Thessaloniki, Corinth and Athens, and I uploaded photographic and other material thus gathered to the site.  Since coming to live here I have had to face very serious questions about the credibility of Paul.  There is a considerable amount of information about this on the net, the most scholarly and biblical of which I found to be an extensive ebook entitled Jesus’s Words Only.  The upshot of new insights thus gained was that I have put aside reflection on Paul’s writing and begun to focus on the Gospels and Revelation. (March 21, 2010, Savarios.)

I was reading Jesus’s Words Only….JWO does a very credible job of discrediting Paul, primarily by comparing and contrasting Paul’s teachings with those of Yahushua. (Jan 14 2010) JWO adds a lot of fuel to CW’s anti-Paul fire. I just finished his review of the epistle of James (ch.11). His contention is that this book is essentially a legal brief for the apostate trial of Paul at Ephesus, referenced in Acts, Revelations etc.. Point by point, James outlines Paul’s false teachings and provides the correct teaching as provided in the TPP and by Yahushua. (Jan 15, 2010) (In His Name at Yada Yahweh.)

Jesuswordsonly.com…That is the website I was referring to Just….it’s an awesome site and nothing but scripture is used….Jesus words only. (Jan 10, 2010, Christy.)

I won’t try to convince you otherwise because, like you, I used to believe the same thing but I do know different now. I would like to share with you a website that may or may not change the way you look at the salvation Christ offers us. Jesus words Only – Jesus words as the sole inspired portion of the New Testament Scripture. There are two full books that you can read and I suggest you start with Jesus Words on Salvation and then move to the Jesus Words Only book. You will need your bible to go along with it because the study comes directly from scripture. They are both listed under the books section and you can read each chapter of the book online at this site. (Christy Jan. 9, 2010.)

Brava, Linda, for posting these extracts! Indeed, this is also the point in “Jesus’ Words Only”, which I’m about 2/3 through. It’s not hard to fathom what drove Marcionism (and if Jesus’s Words Only is right, Paul was Marcion’s spiritual daddy). How appealing to just re-package that God into a Bad Guy who gave Bad Laws, then invent a Good Guy God who took away the Bad Laws and left us to do … whatever might be expedient!! Whee! Now there’s really no consequence for our actions (other than the bother of “inexpediency”) — provided we say (and mean, even for a split second) the Belief Formula!! Madison Avenue couldn’t have packaged a slicker God than this! So, yippee!  We’re All Free. We’re free — to work 7 days a week [no Shabbat], celebrate re-packaged pagan holidays doing re-packaged pagan things in place of holidays that God (guess that would be the Bad God) instructed us about [no Passover; no Pentecost, no Sukkot], eat whatever crawling, slimy thing, alive or dead, that we can catch [no kosher] and generally do what we wanna do to whomever we wanna do it, for as long, and in whatever way, as we wanna do it – as long as it’s Expedient…. Is that the freedom that Yeshua died to bring to us? Is that the “truth” that Yeshua referred to in John 8:31-32…. (John G. December 25, 2009 at “Is Jesus Heretical in teaching obedience?” Messianic.)

The book “Jesus Words Only” is written by someone who has all of the credentials that you specify on your website for a credible bible commentator. He is an educated Evangelical Christian of many years who has the courage to admit that the epistles of Paul and the rest of the NT present two different gospels.

You can argue that his book is just more of the James vs. Paul debate, but unless you have read this well documented, thoroughly researched, and compelling work, it cannot be dismissed out of hand. He is a trial lawyer who presents his arguments as in a legal brief, and so he forgoes they type of glib and ad hominem attacks that I have seen reading the materials on your website.

Few Christians will have the courage to read “Jesus Words Only,” and fewer still will have the courage to consider the possibility that Paul’s epistles are non-canonical. Why?

1. The conclusion allows that God has not supernaturally protected the canon from inerrancy, and

2. The most cherished Evangelical belief of Justification by faith alone is cast into serious doubt.

Don’t bother wasting time criticizing my email writing skills – rather read the book (with an open mind). If your website does not address the most compelling arguments set forth in Jesus’ Words Only, a gaping hole will result through which your own bias will be painfully obvious. (3/15/2008 http://www.tektoonics.com/etc/parody/oct07scr.html.)

Questions Posed on Threads

The scene [in Acts 26 of Paul and Jesus] is very reminiscent of Balaam being stopped by the Angel of the Lord because he intended to curse Israel. The parallels between Paul and Balaam are striking. They both started out as enemies of God on their way to curse God’s people when they were stopped by a blinding vision on the way. They both repented, converted and served God for a short while, then turned on Him and His people again. If it can happen to Balaam, why not Paul? For more details on this incredible parallel, read ‘Jesus Words Only’ by Tondo. (GM, July 31, 2010.)

I’m not going against God’s words or the Holy Spirit. Its Paul I have a problem with. Researching the  Bible even Jesus spoke against Paul as a false apostle in Revelation. You have to continue to research. I can not convince you through my words. You have to want to find the truth for yourself. I’m following God and Jesus and the before prophets that God put in place only. Go to www.jesuswordsonly.com to do further research. You have to find out for your self or stay closed to the truth that Jesus and God the Father made so evident. Deception is a whole lot of truth and a little bit of lie. (Kenyan D, March 25, 2010)

Just wondering if you’ve ever questioned the validity of Paul himself. Many doctrines that I’ve had difficulty with over the years (once saved always saved, the law is void/age of grace, depravity of all men, Romans 13 etc) are directly from Paul. I had these questions well before I ever doubted Paul. Upon realizing I wasn’t the first to doubt Paul, I became intrigued with the possibility that he could be a false apostle. Considering many things in modern Christianity can be traced directly to him, I thought it would be worth a look. I would love to hear your opinion on the books of Mr. Tondo. I’ve almost made it through his book on Paul and Jesus’ Words on Salvation. I now believe with my mind that Paul is false, but fully accepting it emotionally is hard as I was raised with him being a premier apostle. Anyway, I’d love maybe a refutation of some of Mr. Tondo’s stuff (although it seems pretty solid to me) to further test the truth of this matter. His books can be read on his website, Jesuswordsonly.com Like your blog alot, thanks for your labor for the truth. (Anon 3/1/2010.)

My copy of Jesus Words Only arrived a few days ago. I’m reading it with a mixture of shock (at my complacent assumption that Paul’s letters were inspired scripture Just Because They’re In The Canon), amazement (at the flat-out contradictions between Yeshua’s teachings and Paul’s), and ancticipation (at what comes next). Briefly, Tondo makes a case that Paul/Saul/Sha’ul/Pavlvs of Tarsus was a either a consistently false apostle or a genuine believer in Yeshua whose mind was subsequently corrupted a la Baalam, leading him to teach moral subjectivism and lawlessness on such matters as eating food sacrificed to idols, fornication, etc.(John G. 12/22/2009).

Speaking of coming back to the text, I have been reading Jesus Words Only by Tondo. He claims that James is putting Paul on “trial” for his teaching on salvation as being by “faith” alone. He also suggests that Paul may be one of the “apostles” that Jesus speaks of in Revelation 2:2. This book is very intersting, but I do not know what to think at this point. One thing is certain, I know that the truth and love of God resides within Torah. Any help? (John B. 11/18/2009)

Steven do you know the book “Jesus’ Words Only” – it’s an eye-opener on Paul. (Jason in Cape Town June 13, 2009)

In the network, [url]http://www.jesuswordsonly.com/freechapters.html[/url] has caused considerable controversy. In the church, from all indications, the Church has been aware of the existence of the book, from teaching for two years, Paul is against the law. Paul is quite suddenly speaking against the law. Just want to know how many people here in the end are anti-Paul? In the end how many people know this book exists? (Peter Khoo, China, Nov. 25, 2008.)

I just read “Jesus’ Words Only – Or Was Paul the Apostle Jesus Condemns in Rev. 2:2.” It confirmed a lot of things that were already occupying my mind in the last year. I am NOT here to discuss whether or not Paul was a true or false aposte. I am JUST here in the hope to find someone who also has some serious doubts about Paul’s teaching and wants to go back to JWO (‘Jesus words only’). Someone who might also be wondering: What now? Hoping we can share our thoughts. (Jane’s blog, 9/8/2008 http://www.mychurch.org/blog/2528.)

The book “Jesus Words Only” is written by someone who has all of the credentials that you specify on your website for a credible bible commentator. He is an educated Evangelical Christian of many years who has the courage to admit that the epistles of Paul and the rest of the NT present two different gospels. You can argue that his book is just more of the James vs. Paul debate, but unless you have read this well documented, thoroughly researched, and compelling work, it cannot be dismissed out of hand. He is a trial lawyer who presents his arguments as in a legal brief, and so he forgoes the type of glib and ad hominem attacks that I have seen reading the materials on your website.

Few Christians will have the courage tp o read “Jesus Words Only,” and fewer still will have the courage to consider the possibility that Paul’s epistles are non-canonical. Why?

1. The conclusion allows that God has not supernaturally protected the canon from inerrancy, and

2. The most cherished Evangelical belief of Justification by faith alone is cast into serious doubt.

Don’t bother wasting time criticizing my email writing skills – rather read the book (with an open mind). If your website does not address the most compelling arguments set forth in Jesus’ Words Only, a gaping hole will result through which your own bias will be painfully obvious. [October 2007, quoted at  www. tektoonics.com / etc/ parody/ oct07scr.html ]

I am in the process of reading Jesus’ Words Only, by Mr. T. His background is Reformed Calvinist. He presents the clearest case I’ve seen yet that Paul is a False Apostle/False Prophet whose purpose is to test our allegiance to YHWH. (Jane March 2006).

Blogger Sir Knight Begins With Quote from Jesus’ Words Only p.295:

After Peter founded the church of Rome and left, Paul arrived and appointed the first bishop of the church of Rome (Linus), according to Constitution of the Apostles (ca. 180-200 A.D.) at 7:46. That means Paul appointed the very first pope of Rome—although the name pope for the bishop of Rome was not yet in use. (Peter never apparently used the label bishop to identify his status at Rome.) Thus, the validity of the lineage of the Roman church depended crucially upon Paul. If Paul were discredited, it would discredit the Roman Catholic church virtually from inception.

This is an incredible book that all should read. He offers the chapters free online. http://www.jesuswordsonly.com/JWO/freechaptersonline.htmll (Sir Knight, Jan. 30, 2008 at http://forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=215396 (1 of 14)1/30/2008)

I think that if you examine the 497 pages in “Jesus’ Words Only”, you will find scholarly criticism of Paul that rivals or exceeds that of Victor’s work. And like Victor’s book, Jesus’ Words Only is also available free online. And then some of you will be persuaded to either accept or reject the doctrine of Paul. With Paul removed from the NT, we still have the words of Jesus as recorded by his apostles and disciples, but Paul and Luke were never disciples or apostles of Jesus. They never even met Him. (Excaliburton, 9/23/2006 http://www.comparative-religion.com/forum/did-anybody-refute-a-victor)

Attributions and Use

Those who uses portions of Jesus Words Only with attribution (and thus might be a webpage with substantive related materials are):

1. “Apostle Paul, a Man of Like Passions” (Sept 2, 2007) at http://www.revelations.org.za/Passion.htm

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