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The Blind Leading the Blind

September 26, 2012

As many of you know, we lost a few of our stories here on PWAP a few months ago, because of a fatal error or mistake I made when trying to recover the blog from a malfunction.    Anyway, we have got really behind in posting some of our fascinating discussions we’ve been having behind the scenes through email.  We have to start somewhere, I’ve elected to just start with some little snippets and highlights to get myself back in the routine of sharing some exciting insights.  So here is today’s:

Blind Leading the Blind

“Click” on this photo to see the “Blind Leading the Blind”

The Blind Leading the Blind –  Recently we (our small home church) who all by the way, are totally all anti-paulinian, have been discussing Paul’s assembly, construction, teaching of “Leadership”, Not that this is a totally new subject in my life.  As a graduate of the U.S. Army Non-Commissioned Officers Leadership Course in Monterrey, CA,  I have a small insight into… basic concepts of “Leadership” not to count what our Lord has set down in Matthew as the primary example to follow.  What I find today, most interesting almost across the board in “Institutional” paulinian churches, is they have done a “Five Star” job on following Paul in his examples and teachings!  The problem with that and sometimes sickening insight, is that it is completely contrary to what our Lord has set down as the basis for a good life and causes literally the “Blind Leading the Blind”.  We will be going into this more in detail in the future here on PWAP for sure.  I personally think this is probably the “Crux” of much of society and family problems today!  Just to direct your attention to a couple simple examples would be how many of your men think your the head of the house hold?  How about how many of you have management or supervisory jobs and believe you are there to make sure people do what you tell them to do?

You see, it wasn’t until I learned that there isn’t no “Head” of our home other than our Lord and Savior.  My wife and I have equal service to each other and our family.  If you are looking to “Church”, “Corporate”, “Government” leadership for answers to your problems today!  I would highly recommend that each of you look to the person who more resembles the janitor or the custodian to these institutions than following after “False” leaders like Paul.  Yahushua, very clearly set up Leadership as those who are the “Least” will be the greatest and those who wash their feet! “paraphrasing”  You get my point!  We have millions of churches filled with Leaders “Directing”, “Lording”, standing as “Masters of their professions”, “Preaching” false beliefs of cult like manipulation and control behaviors, pretending this is direct “Authority” from the “Lord God” himself or because the Bible says!  Come on!  Wake up Sheeple!  God Almighty gave each of us a mind and body to use for the purpose of advancing the “Kingdom” and if you want to “Lead” – then “Serve”  if you want to “Follow” then look to someone who looks like a “King” that rides into Jerusalem on a donkey!  Not the guy who drives the “H2 Hummer!”

Society, Institutional Church, Corporate and Government are all “False” leadership role models that will lead you right into that deep, deep dark “Abyss!”

Matthew 15:14 Leave them; they are blind guides.  If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”


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