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Apostle Paul Forum – Launched!

August 21, 2015

Apostle Paul Forum – Launched /// Venice, FL – A new forum for “Seekers of Truth” in the writings and teachings of Apostle Paul.  Scott Prentice, Author/Blogger and host of ProblemsWithApostlePaul.com has launched a web based interactive forum.   The forum will help people from all over the planet share their insights and discussions on the many problems with Apostle Paul’s teachings and writings.

Mr. Prentice started looking into the teachings of Apostle Paul, after reading and studying Paul’s very deliberate act of defying the Jerusalem’s councils decision for circumcision.  After the church in Antioch, received the directions from James, Paul almost instantly defied the decision.  (Reference: Acts 15-16)

I really look forward to seeing all the discussion.  People from all over the planet have been contacting me for years with their questions, stories and insights and I thought it was about time to get this forum on the road.  – Scott Prentice

The new Problems with Paul forum can be visited by going to: www.ProblemsWithPaulForum.com


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