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Israeli Professor: Our Problem is With Paul, Not Jesus

February 7, 2014

In a recent article for Israel’s Ma’ariv daily newspaper, a renowned Israeli-born professor of Talmud, Admiel Kosman, explained that mainstream Judaism doesn’t so much have a problem with Jesus as it does with the teachings of the Apostle Paul.

Exploring the early history of the Church, Kosman asserted that Paul intentionally worked to undo the Jewish character of the early community of believers to pave the way for Christianity to become its own religion.

“It is Paul who founded Christianity, and not Jesus,” he wrote.

The professor pointed out that even in the pages of the New Testament, the rest of the early church leadership was opposed to Paul moving in a non-Jewish direction, and believed that anyone wanting to follow the Jewish Messiah needed to join the Jewish faith.

According to Kosman, Paul wasn’t a true follower of Jesus, but rather used the platform provided by Jesus to advance his own teachings. That being the case, Kosman concluded that Jesus, himself a law-abiding Jew, would not have been pleased with Paul’s activities.

Original Story in Israel Today

Notes:  I have to add, that I think this wonderful poet hit the nail “Dead” on! No pun intended.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I’m so glad to here others around the world making the case that Paul is a fake and we need to have his religion exposed for what it truly is.

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