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Jesus – Paul Problem Real?

October 20, 2016

Is the Jesus – Paul Problem Real? HISTORICAL STATEMENTS REGARDING THE APOSTLE PAUL…HOW CAN THEY SAY THIS ABOUT PAUL? We have been addressing a serious question in our research into the Jesus-Paul relationship and problems surrounding it: “So was Paul a faithful follower of Jesus or the founder of a new religion and subverter...
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Submit to Government?

December 14, 2014
Submit to Government

Submit to Government (Romans 13) Don’t tell us, we didn’t warn you! Paulinian Churches are falling in line with Paulinian teaching!  I know this video justifies Romans 13 by saying that it is miss quoted, but let me tell you Paul meant exactly what it says.  Churches and Church supporters often say it’s just...
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Slave or Free what shall it be?

November 28, 2014

Slave or Free, what shall it be?  Well, if you are a follower of the current Paulinian church system, of course you would be believing in slavery and oppression.   However, if you follow Christ, your thoughts might be different.  See what I’m talking about: “James, Peter, and John taught us that all people...
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Submit to All Authority

July 3, 2014

Submit to All Authority First as many of you may already know, I believe Paul is a sociopath.  If you researched the hallmarks of a sociopath you will quickly learn one of the first traits that shows up frequently in their personality is that they often contradict their own words, let alone those they...
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Mark My Words

October 16, 2012

“Mark My Words”, were very familiar words when I was growing up.  My father said that very thing, when he wanted to hit a home run on what he just said.  This quaint little phrase usually followed very profound statements of wisdom or insight that he’d received from his years of life.  For example...
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